UPTV Continues to Tell Sim Hackberry Story

Mark Allen, Owner/Operator of Autumn Mill, showcases a piece of lumber from Urbana's Sim Hackberry Tree.

UPTV production coordinator Jason Liggett began his coverage of the Urbana Sim Hackberry Tree on February 19th, 2014 when it was cut down from the corner of High and Coler streets in Urbana. Watch Video

However, the story didn't end there as Liggett traveled to Argenta, Illinois with City of Urbana Arborist Mike Brunk to watch the tree be processed at Autumn Mill.  While there, they talked with owners Mark and Tammy Allen.  This footage eventually led to four short feature stories on the Sim Hackberry Tree. Video #1   Video #2   Video #3   Video #4

After a lengthy drying process of the lumber Liggett and Brunk returned to Autumn Mill to learn more about the treatment of the lumber.  Three more videos were produced in April 2016.  Video #5   Video #6   Video #7

City officials plan to make the lumber available for purchase.

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